Detector Dog

narcotic dogs
The detection of explosives is a delicate practice. The selection of the animal is calm on subjects close to the master.

As with drug dogs, the basic training is done through play (ball or cloth with the smell to remember. Subsequently, the dogs start by learning to recognize the smell of explosives placed in identical boxes . When they manage to detect the substance sought, they get their reward.

Once the dogs are competent, dressage becomes more complicated, until it again operational scenarios. For the safety of bystanders and the dog itself, it must not show restlessness.

It is desirable, when it detects the presence of explosive materials, he reported his discovery in congealing as a pointer. For this reason, the dog is always with his pet, a leash and he does not leave work alone.

This exercise requires a real complicity between the driver and his dog as the animal has no way to manifest when it detects the presence of hazardous materials, the teacher must be able to guess the situation by the mere observation of teammate fours: fixed and gaze direction, ear position, head ...
narcotic dogs