Guard Dog

Some breeds have been specifically developed or selected for their natural instinct to guard and defend their territory and those they consider their custody.

One of the first tasks of the domestic dog is to keep the property of their masters, whether in assets such as land, livestock or the owner's house.

The German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd Malinois pups are part of good lineage, when properly trained, the best guard dogs. Today burglaries properties, commercial (hotel, bar, tobacco, jewelry, etc..) Or "home jacking" are very common, they are the new target now that banks are "inaccessible".

The watchdog is a tool chain security much more effectively than any modern alarm; it combines deterrence with a tenderness and efficiency unmatched.

For a villa, a house, a warehouse, a company, we prefer an outdoor life with an addiction or a suitable kennel, sociability excluded his defiance vis-à-vis foreigners.

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