Why come to Cani-protection?

All dogs are not receptive to training. Some nodes are too efficient and will never use, but will be a pleasant companion dogs. Educate and prepare a puppy in a specialty can not be invented and is working every day, demanding rigor, discipline, skills in dog psychology and special equipment.

The toilet training, socialization of the puppy, the choice of the individual and bloodlines, dressage (when it arrives!) Requires considerable time before reaching the ideal dog would want that! What time credit are you willing to give your puppy?

Cani-protection as a professional in the field is very familiar with the working lines and the currents of blood, because it is almost impossible for a neophyte to be among the many breeders. Fall on a topic of qualities becomes comparable to winning the lottery.

Cani-protection following the desired specialty, will guide you to the best of the best subjects and socially balanced without morphological problems. Cani-Protection is listening to its clients and adapts its training to specific needs. Cani-Guaranteed protection training and selection of dog and assures you complete training for a perfect grip of a dog that matches your expectations. The change of hand is very well when the adaptation councils are well respected by the future owner, and in all cases we will be available, if needed, after the sale for any questions. (Cani-Protection is a supplier of national and international, in reference to many celebrities and dignitaries French and foreign).