About us

Cani-protection society is run by Gianni Garguillo who has a passion for Belgian Malinois and working dog in general and has a natural feel with our dogs.

Gianni Garguillo has earned a solid reputation in the dog world. Since his 13, he works with famous international trainers and has expanded its canine experience in the Army as a master-dog.

Today, Gianni Garguillo is author of numerous seminars across the world on the dog and dog defense research, professional trainer and man attack in high-level international Ring, an expert on dog races and dog safety. Gianni Garguillo trained many dogs to high-levels in dog sports.

Our Strengths & skills:

- Cynotechnique seminar leader at the International.

- Monitor Approved for dogs with explosives and narcotics dogs.

- Certificate of disciplines including teeth.

- Monitor & patent canine trainer.

- Man attack in international Ring.